A Message to Our Community

Dear Zero Waste Globe Community,

Our hearts are with those who have been affected by COVID-19, all across the globe. These unprecedented times that we currently find ourselves engaged in has created a unique opportunity for us to reaffirm our beliefs to improve people’s lives and create a clean planet. 

Moments like this present a chance for us to grow and change. In a sudden, we’ve all ended up with much more time on our hands. In the blink of an eye, the world has hit the reset button. We have been given the time to shift our perception and our impact on the planet.

Air quality in cities all over the world is healthier than it's been in years, animals are being spotted in metropolises, and the canals are becoming crystal clear. This proves that a healthy planet is possible. Even during a pandemic!

Our small but impactful team of eco-experts will continue to work remotely and guide new members, as it will provide active funds to support our staff. 

For a limited time, we're offering a chance to join the membership at 50% off and one month free. We know that now is a great time to build off of this momentum and become a Zero Waste Globe Member. You can now dedicate a few minutes each day to learning how to live in harmony with our beautiful big planet.

You will receive our newest ebook, 76 Steps to a Zero Waste Lifestyle, as well as gain access to our exclusive online community of people on the same journey.

Stay healthy, stay strong, and stay positive.

Zero Waste Globe
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